Lawai’a Poke

I am so excited and blessed that I was able to be apart of Lawai’a Poke’s soft opening. Ever since I saw their sign with paper covering the window’s I’ve been extremely excited to try.

My go to has been SU&BU on John st, I’ve been to a few poke places; Pokito, Calii Love, SU&BU to name a few. They are all a close enough walk however Lawaia is across the street from me. They have taken residence to the left of Subway on King st west of Bathurst st on the North side.

If you are unfamiliar with Poke bowls, they originate from Hawaii. Marinated raw fish. Poke is the Hawaiian verb for selection or to slice/cut. These bowls are very similar to sushi.

Lawai’a Poke is owned by two lovely ladies; Alisa & Zoe. They have been catering for a year together, looking for the perfect location in the meantime.

The location they picked works very well, it is small however designed to perfection. The walls are white which makes the restaurant look very welcoming and clean. They have hooks for you to hang up your jacket under the counters. They put up memories of Hawaii and used inviting plants and flowers.


They have both been to Hawaii, New York and LA. Common places to find good Poke and they have found Toronto lacking. They wanted to offer customers a fresh selection that everything in one bowl compliments eachother and they’ve succeeded.


All their  ingredients is fresh, local, possible and seasonal. They ensure the fish is line caught, not farmed and dolphin safe. They will be having a feature item per month.

I chose Lazy Cal20170325_133822ifornia as I’m a lover of salmon. In the bowl is salmon, cucumber, crab salad, pickled ginger, tobiko, green onion, cispy onion, Lawai’a sauce (soya sauce, chili flakes, garlic) and sriracha mayo with half zucchini noodles and half brown rice as my base.

This bowl was fantastic. The ingredients are so fresh, the flavours compliment eachother which led me wanting more. The size is just right, I left feeling nicely full and not heavy.


Their official launch date is Thursday March 30 2017 with the hours of 11am-8pm everyday.


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