Brunch at Del Ray

Del Ray So Cal located at 620 Queen West is a Southern California themed Cantina bar with Mexican flair. The newest bar to take over what use to be Choco-Crepe and most recent The Social Bar.

The graffiti inside might look familiar to you, it is the same artist who did the art in The Hideout, Stu from Play Dead. This art goes well with the Californian Mexican theme.

IMG_20150117_190954 IMG_20150117_192132

There is even a fish made out of skateboards and skateboard accessories.


Brunch happens every Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 5pm, here is the menu:


The Sweet Spot Toast wast great. This weekend the French Toast was stuffed with homemade Peanut Butter and Bacon, topped with Banana’s and It came with Caramel Syrup.

French Toast stuffed with Peanut Butter and Bacon topped with Banana's and Caramel Syrup
French Toast stuffed with Peanut Butter and Bacon topped with Banana’s and Caramel Syrup

Every weekend the French Toast is stuffed with something different and depends on market availability.

The Breakfast comes in three sizes (one, two or three eggs), served with home fries, toast and your choice of bacon, house sausage or wilted greens.

The Breakfast
The Breakfast with Home Fries, Sausage and Toast

The service is great, I know this because I’m the one working there. We stand out because we offer French Press Coffee in Medium or Dark Roast. There is also the option to get Mimosas. The music is not super loud so you can chat comfortably and it’s a cozy atmosphere with candle lighting.

Come to Del Ray to visit me and eat some delicious brunch!


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