Fresh off the Boat

Newly opened on October 10 2014, Queen West welcomes Fresh off the Boat to the neighbourhood specializing in seafood.

The restaurant is really cute with how they decorated it. They use rope on the light fixtures, the menu is hand written on a couple of little chalk boards and they have a shelf of srirache bottles.


I was hoping to order the fish tacos however they did not receive their fish delivery so I got the FOB.  The FOB is their version of an Asian poboy banh mi. battered fish, himchi & burned aioli. Served with fresh cut fries & house broccoli slaw.


The catfish was full of flavour and cooked just right. The bun is too much for my liking, the fish barely fit without falling out. The fries were tasty and the slaw was the best. I’m a sucker for a creamy slaw.

I met the owner of the shop, he was really nice and welcoming and he provided me with a complimentary Pellegrino. I’m looking forward to tasting the other items on the menu after they have settled in a little.

They only accept cash for the time being.

Overall Rating 3***


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