La Carnita

I love Mexican food and La Carnita ( is one restaurant with great word of mouth that I should have tried months ago.

We had a party of three and two of us showed up to get a table. They do not seat you unless your full party is there.

The tortilla chips with guacamole were good. I liked the added ancho chili powder spice to the chips. The guacamole was good but a bit bland for my liking.

Tortilla Chips w/ ancho chili powder & guacamole

The best dish from the night was the corn. It is smothered with mexican cheese and sour cream and grilled.

Mexican Street Corn Mexican crema, queso anejo, arbol & ancho chili powder

I ordered three tacos; Crispy Cotija, Beef Cheek and In Cod We Trust. The Crispy Cotija is fried cheese. It was good but the coating was not crispy enough and the pinto beans added a weird combination. The Beef Cheek was delicious and had perfect flavouring. It was stuffed to the brim which made it hard to eat without making a mess or using a knife and fork. The Cod came out after the first two and unfortunately got cold really quick. It was good but got soggy very quickly.

20141002_190406 20141002_190158 20141002_190141

For dessert at a Mexican restaurant you must always order Churros if they are on the menu however these were not the winner of the night. I am a lover of chocolate sauce with my Churros and they use a caramel tasting sauce which I did not like.

Churros w/ housemade cajeta
w/ housemade cajeta

Paletas is a Latin American ice pop. The Vanilla Chocolate Chip was absolutely refreshing. It did not melt or drip and is very tasty. They have pumpkin spice for the month of October.

The waiter was very knowledgeable with the Mexican beers and consistent with our table. I ordered Rosee D’Hibiscus, it’s a soft spoken wheat beer. I do not like wheat beers but this one does not taste wheaty. It was not too sweet and was a great hibiscus tasting beer. When there was a a dirty plate with no food left, it was cleared without you noticing.

Overall Rating 3.5***


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