1 Love Kitchen

I was so excited when I heard that there was going to be a healthy alternative to Jamaican food opening up in Queen West. 1 Love Kitchen (www.1lovekitchen.com).

The first time I tried to get an exciting tasting, they were closing up shop at 7:15pm. Second time is the charm and I chose the Char-Grilled Jerk Chicken which comes with steamed rice & peas and coleslaw.


I love the healthier choice options they provide, nothing is fried just baked crispy. They offer quinoa & peas as an alternative to rice, baked coconut plantain and roasted vegetables.

The only thing i’m not a huge fan is that a lot of things are ‘coconut-infused’; plantain, curry chicken and curry goat. I am unfortunately allergic to coconut so I’ll never be able to try these delicious items. Sad.

The Chicken was delicious with tons of flavour and really spicy, so if you can’t take spice I don’t recommend this. The rice and peas were great as well but the coleslaw lacked some creamy sauce.

Overall Rating 4****


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