Kal & Mooy Food Truck

I was so excited to try 1 Love Kitchen that when I got there, they just closed. What a bummer! I decided to go to Rose City Kitchen as a back up and then casually spotted this blue food truck called Kal & Mooy (http://torontofoodtrucks.ca/kal-mooy) which is East African. I popped on over and started talking to Ahmad Duale and he suggested the Chicken Sabaya. His wife Aisha Mohamed was very kind and we talked about their goals and experiences with the Food Truck industry. They eventually want to own a take out restaurant and catering. They are such hard working individuals and were third in Toronto to get their Food Truck license.

Aisha was so passionate when expressing the produce they use is organic and how much they love to cook. I tried the cookie first which is a hard sweet coating and pastry flaky texture inside.

She handed me a vegetarian samosa on the house and told me it would be the best vegetarian samosa I ever tried. She was right. The veggies were full, hand cut and delicious. The combination with the home made sauce and hot sauce was delicious.


A Chicken Sabaya is a puffed flatbread stuffed with saucy chicken and fresh vegetables. It gets messy so be prepared to get your hands dirty. There was a sweet and spicy combination of flavours. I love that their hot sauces are home made. I had to eat the entire meal even though I was fully stuffed.

I hope these two accomplish their goals and open their take out restaurant, the food is too delicious to pass up!


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