Brunch at The Beast

Finally, I was able to enjoy brunch at the very popular The Beast Restaurant ( The menu is very unconventional and unique.

I got the dark roast coffee which tasted like a combination of walnuts and chocolate. It came in a personal french press!


I loved the home made donuts. Maple Bacon and Sprinkles. They were absolutely deliciously light with subtle toppings.


The Beastwich was my brunch choice. It comes with buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken thigh, pimento cheese, a fried egg, pork sausage gravy and house potatoes. It was really delicious, the chicken was super flavourful and crispy. I loved the taste of the biscuit with the combination of the fried egg on top with gravy. The potatoes were my least favourite because they were not crispy and almost tasted uncooked.


My friend got the challah french toast which is topped with duck confit, cranberry mostarda and whipped creme fraiche served with a side of maple syrup. It was delicious and a really unusual combination which complimented each other very well.


The service was good, the food did take a while to prepare but worth the wait.

Overall Rating 4****


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