Ended Up At Toma Burger

Toma(http://toma-burgeraddiction.com/) is the new burger joint in town at Queen West. It is an upscale dine-in restaurant with classy booth seating and they play oldies music (70’s/80’s)!

I’m really happy we ended up here because they are now in my top 5 burger restaurants in Toronto. Big Smoke Burger is my number one but Toma has landed the number two spot.

When there is pulled pork on a burger as an option, it will win my heart. The dream come true was truly my dream come true burger. It was delicious and everything I could ask for.


T H E   D R E A M   C O M E   T R U E
beef patty, double cheddar,
house pulled pork, onion rings,
roasted garlic aioli, caramelized onions

$12.95 (added roasted red peppers)

                       TRUFFLE FRENCH FRIES  $4.79
                     With truffle olive oil and fresh parsley

I like that they have a veggie option which is; sub the meat for their crispy fried portobello stuffed with brie and cheddar.



                                     ONIONS RINGS  $4.79
                           Topped with thyme and parmesan


The portobello was good however it was really small for the burger, we were expecting it to resemble a beef patty.

The service was good, however they forgot the pulled pork to be added to the veggie burger.

Both the fries and onion rings were fresh, with lots of flavour. 

Overall rating 4****


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