From A Box To A Bar, Come And Get It!

Come And Get It ( use to have a pop up store on Spadina before settling in on their new and permanent spot on Queen Street. The restaurant is very cute and cozy, I especially loved the garage door they keep open until 11pm.

I think they are really unique because they offer any flavour with any format.

The choices are: 

Flavours: Chipotle Short Rib, Hawaiian Pork Belly, Fried Chicken Caesar, Mango Jerk Chicken, Ol’El Paso Taco, Coconut Shrimp and Winter Veg 

Format: Snack, Slider, Mini Poutine, Flatbread and Bag O’Bites

20140816_200637 20140816_201106 20140816_202007












Taco seasoned tortillas with Guacamole, Chipotle Short Rib Poutine and Mango Jerk Chicken Flatbread was chosen. 

The tortillas has a bit too much ‘power’ dusted on them for my liking but still very tasty and went well with the dip. The poutine was the best, they did not add gravy which would ruin the dish and added crisp french rings. The flatbread was good but tricky to eat without getting it all over your clothes. The presentation was masterful using wooden cutting boards and a tiny cast iron dish for the poutine.













Fresh hand made donuts for dessert. The chef didn’t have the proper ingredients to make the official dip for this dish so our waiter offered to make a special dip which consisted of caramel, peanut butter and rum.

I really liked it here for the food and early atmosphere however once it hits 11pm the garage door closes and it turns into a very loud and crowded bar.

Overall rating 3.5 ***


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