‘Merican Lovin’ At Home Of The Brave

I love Home Of The Brave (http://www.thehotb.com/) I’ve been once before and the food was amazing. Did not disappoint at all! 

If you don’t like all things America, don’t come here. Their motto is Join or Die is a famous phrased coined by Benjamin Franklin. Their original restaurant is La Carnita. They love the classic American cuisine. They play a lot of American hip-hop and it’s a very busy, fast paced restaurant. It’s cool decor filled with chalk art and graffiti by Andrew ‘Rcade’ Kidder.

The Rolling Rock I ordered smelt and had an added taste of bubble gum. Our waiter told us they were cleaning the taps and offered another beer. Unfortunately I didn’t like any other beer on the menu so I stuck with my bubble gum beer.

This time we ordered Bones in a Bucket, Buffalo Cauliflower, Freedom Fries and Friday’s special Lobster Roll.

Buffalo Cauliflower – beer battered cauliflower, buffalo hot sauce and ranch dressing
Bones In A Bucket – Kansas city rubbed beef and pork ribs, ranch dressing, celery and carrots
Freedom Fries – coriander catsup, malt vinegar, manchego cheese and herbs
Lobster Roll – Friday night special

Obviously my winning dish would be the Ribs but the Buffalo Cauliflower was second to it. The fries were thin, fresh and the Lobster Roll was my least favourite. 



















For dessert we ordered the Ice Cream Sandwich, Red Velvet Funnel Cake and the special; Banana Bread Nutella Ice Cream Sandwich.

20140815_203927 20140815_203959 20140815_204221























The funnel cake comes with ice cream, cream cheese, strawberries and blue berries on top. I request for the toppings to come on the side and unfortunately the kitchen would not make any ‘changes’ to their menu. I was told because they are a small restaurant and have an image to uphold, they do not make changes to the any of their dishes. The banana bread ruined the nutella ice cream sandwich, it was too soft. The winner dessert was the chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

Overall Rating 3***


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