The Best French Onion Soup Is At Le Select

Le Select( is known as one of the most authentic Parisian bistros in Toronto. Most of the ingredients used are certified Organic.

I walk by it most days while going on a walk with Opie. It’s located on Wellington St between Portland and Spadina. The place is always jam packed so it must be good I thought and went for a taste.

If you plan to go, ensure to book a reservation ahead of time otherwise there may not be a table available.
Once entering, you are greeted and seated by the owner. The restaurant is huge with lots of seating and beautiful art work on the wall. The waiters/waitresses are very attentive and never make you feel rushed to leave. On the way to the bathrooms which are downstairs, you pass the kitchen and wine cellar.

They provide a bun and butter to enjoy prior to being served your meal. Who knew bread could be so delicious? It was warm, crispy on the edges and the butter was soft.












I paid 14.95+tax for my French Onion Soup and boy was it worth every penny.

20140814_203501 20140814_203513











The bread inside the soup remained crispy the entire time.. how did they do that??

It was really filling, loaded with delicious onions and swiss raw milk emmental. It indeed was the best french onion soup I have ever had.

Overall rating 5*****


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