La Carnita’s Sweet Jesus 4 Life

This past Thursday, La Carnita made their debut inside the Methlab with Sweet Jesus Ice Cream (side business). Between 5pm and 7pm inside One Method Methlab there was awesome ice cream being made.

I  couldn’t believe there was a bar inside the office, with wicked artwork on the walls.












The choice of ice cream was as follows:












I chose Banoffee Pie and my friend got Rocky Mountain.

Banoffee Pie – choco & vanilla, banana, dulche de leche, graham cracker, toffee bits Rocky Mountain – choco & vanilla, toasted marshmallow, chocolate & caramel sauce, salted nuts














It was a great experience! The wait was not long for the bar being full and they had a DJ playing as well. The ice cream was delicious and the toppings went well with both cones. It was a volcanic eruption of ice cream in my mouth.

Hopefully, La Carnita will open an ice cream shop permanently as a full time side business.



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