Brunch at The Good Fork

As soon as I found out the Good Fork ( serves red velvet pancakes, I was already there. They don’t take reservations on the weekend but the wait was only thirty minutes. They shoot you a text when your table is ready.

We had the option to sit at the booth on the main level or a regular table on the second floor; we chose the booth.

The feel of the restaurant was very clean and cute. The colour scheme is black and white. They decorate the wall with cute artwork.

The waitress was very attentive and patient since it took us a while to make a decision on what to order.

Red Velvet Pancakes with cream cheese frosting and pure hockley valley maple syrup
Animal Home Fries: topped with anything they want














We ordered the Red Velvet Pancakes. They came with cream cheese frosting and pure hockley valley maple syrup. The Eggwhite Frittata (recently added to the menu) and the Animal Home Fries.

The Eggwhite Frittata; chickpeas, chorizo, kale salad, manchego cheese and focaccia

The food was amazing. I prefered the pancakes without the cream cheese frosting and liked that they serve it on the side. The pancakes were big, fluffy with a perfect crunch on the edges and cooked all the way through. The home fries were crispy and toppings change as per the chef’s desire. The egg white frittata was stuffed with chorizo and chick peas and the kale on top. The presentation of the dishes were simple and clean.

Overall rating 5*****


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