Dinner at Scaddabush

Feed your soul with Scaddabush (http://www.scaddabush.com/) but don’t expect great service. The food is a unique take on Italian.

Crispy Polenta Fries – Italian twist on french fries, Sunday sauce, Parmesan aïoli














Crispy Polenta Fries were ordered to share around the table. Polenta is cornmeal boiled into a porridge that can be manipulated into any shape, then fried. It can also be baked and grilled. This dish was delicious and filling.




They had veal sandwich with rosemary garlic fries on the menu which is an obvious order for me from an Italian menu. The veal was perfectly cooked and the peppers and onions sweetened the taste of the sandwich. It lacked sauce. there was some but not enough.   The service at this restaurant was horrendous. Our waitress was also the bartender at the bar so she had a lot on her plate despite the fact that it wasn’t busy. She barely came to check up on us without us trying to flag her down. She was good at remembering our order without writing it down though.


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