Colette Grand Cafe Is So Cute!

Expecting the cafe to be open for full service on August 1 2014, but that wasn’t the case. Instead we enjoyed self service at the cafe and it was better than expected.








I ordered a regular americano, smoked salmon quiche and a chocolate stone. The quiche was good but if it was heated up, it would have been even better. The chocolate stone was good but I think needs to be slit with another person because it is very rich.










My friend ordered the vegetable quiche which she said was good and my other friend ordered the bacon and egg muffin that had the hard boiled egg hidden inside!

20140801_125902 20140801_130927











It rained everywhere surrounding Toronto but we were in the clear, relaxing on the roof top patio of the Thompson Hotel enjoying the sunshine and a nice cold beer.

I love the interior of Colette Grand (, it’s very cute and elegant. The staff should be more educated on the ingredients of the products they offer, understand that they are not a nut free cafe. However, when asked what’s in certain baked items they had to look up the ingredients in the product book.

Colette Grand is set to open for brunch starting August 9 2014.


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