Good Ramen Is Hard To Find

Kinton Ramen ( is the new place everyone is raving about so I thought I’d check it out.

What is Ramen you ask? It’s a Japanese noodle soup that has a bunch of ingredients in it. The master of making this bowl is all about emotion; just watch the movie Ramen Girl.

When you first walk into the restaurant, it is very cute and acceptable to eat on your own. I find I’m more comfortable when I can sit in front of the chefs and watch them cook while eating on my own with a row of other people I don’t know.

I ordered the Kinton Gyoza and Pork Ramen.

Kinton Gyoza (deep fried pork dumpling)
Pork Ramen












The deep fried gyoza was absolutely delicious and the sauce was similar tasting to a thousand island salad dressing. This dish was definitely the winner of the night unfortunately.

When it comes to ordering Ramen at Kinton Ramen, there are 6 steps. Step 1: choose your broth. I chose Pork. Step 2: choose your flavour. I chose Spicy Garlic (chili pepper, bean sprouts, scallions and and grated garlic. Step 3: choose your soup. I chose Regular. Step 4: choose your noodle. I chose Thin Noodles. Step 5: choose your meat: I chose Pork. And lastly step 6 is additional toppings which I didn’t get.

I found the Ramen bowl to lack some flavour. It was good and had a spicy kick to it which I liked. It would have been nice if they added some sort of spices to it however I did like that it was not salty.

Kinton Ramen is known to be the best Ramen in the city and I’m sorry to report that I found Ajisen Ramen to be better.

tenderous rib ramen











At Ajisen Ramen I got the Tenderous Rib Ramen which exploded with flavour. They have a huge menu of items to choose from at a cheap price and they’ve been around since 1968.

I will go to Kinton Ramen for the deep fried gyoza and will continue to have my Ramen at Ajisen Ramen. They also have a member card; buy 10 Ramen and get 1 free.


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