Dining at Blowfish Restaurant

A new twist to Japanese cuisine, welcome Blowfish (http://www.blowfishrestaurant.com/king/). It is not your typical sushi joint.

The restaurant is situated where the old Bank of Toronto use to be. Keeping the look of the building on the outside. If you are unaware of this restaurant on the corner of King st and Bathurst st, it’s very easy to miss.

Upon entering this restaurant, the idea was not to try traditional sushi.

sweet potato chips that are dusted with wasabi powder













Once seated they provide you with the above bowl. These were very tasty and a lovely treat but they do fill you up so you shouldn’t eat too many of them!

spicy edamame with wasabi sauce












We ordered the Spicy Edamame which was awesome. The added sauce gives a sweet yet spicy but not too spicy taste in your mouth with a hint of salt from the traditional edamame.

Red Hot Curry Salmon – hot smoked atlantic salmon, mango, cucumber, lettuce, pine nuts, tobiko, sesame seed, Japanese 7-spice, curry drizzle














The Red Hot Curry Salmon was out of this world, an explosion in your mouth. There wasn’t that much rice on the roll which I prefer and there was so much flavour.

Spicy Tuna with Rock Shrimp – spicy tuna paste, black sesame seed, hot garlic kewpie tossed rock shrimp tempura














The Spicy Tuna with Rock Shrimp was recommended by our waitsress. This roll was incredible, the shrimp added a crunch to the roll with just a hint of the tuna.

Pan Seared Ribeye Beef with Teriyaki reduction













The Pan Seared Ribeye Beef was ordered instead of the Salmon Sashimi however $8 for 2 pieces is not worth it and something I would never recommend. The sauce was comparable to a gravy dip and was too salty for my liking, the sushi won me over in this place.

The ambiance is nice with a drawing of a women hybrid koi fish. The music was not too loud and the service was good however the owner does go over to specific tables that tend to be ‘higher class’ and makes them feel extra comfortable, offering them on the house shots and conversation.


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