Finger Lickin’ Good Smoque N’ Bones

I’ve been wanting to go to Smoque N’ Bones ever since it opened on May 5 2014.

This place is all about the food and not the restaurant even though it has a cute rustic feel. The kitchen is open which is nice and you can see the smoker they use to cook the meat in.

My favourite food to eat of all time are ribs and I was not disappointed. These pork side ribs were full of meat, cooked to perfection with sauce on the side to add with a brush. I loved that! The best choice on the menu.


20140724_195643 20140724_195627











The pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw is served on a sesame seed bun.

20140724_195551 20140724_195726 20140724_195711

As for sides; sweet potato waffle fries, cornbread and mac n’ cheese. The sweet potato waffle fries were my favourite. They were crispy with a perfect aioli dip. The cornbread was sweet with butter on the side. The mac n’ cheese was a bit too cheesy for me.

Smoque N’ Bones is a meat eaters dungeon, the place to go in the city to get delicious ribs!


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