Bienvenido A El Catrin

I spotted a write up about El Catrin on Blog TO and decided to check it out.

El Catrin ( is located in The Distillery District with the most amazing decor. It has a true authentic mexican atmosphere with a huge wall dedicated to graffiti and pop out art. They celebrate cinco de mayo every Saturday by having staff’s faces painted as dia de muerto.


pop out skeleton art on the wall at El Catrin
pop out skeleton art on the wall at El Catrin
dia de muertos graffiti on the wall at el catrin
dia de muertos graffiti on the wall at el catrin












The drink menu has a great cover as well;












The service was good however she did have a lot of tables to take care of. She was very knowledgeable with suggesting her favourite items on the menu and spoke Spanish! The only complaint was the music was a tad loud.

This restaurant is all about sharing and tasting multiple items on the menu. I quite enjoy that experience.

First ordered was guacamole en la mesa. It is served with in house chips. When the dip is brought to your table, the waiter/waitress hand mashes the whole avocado right in front of you at your table! It was delicious and perfect, just the right amount of salt and nothing added but tomatoes, onions, cilantro and serrano chili.












Second we ordered Barbacoa Tacos which consist of slow roasted lamb, barbecued pineapple on a corn tortilla. They were delicious! I’d recommend adding a fourth taco to this order if sharing between two people as cutting it in half gets messy. The pineapple added just the right amount of explosion in your mouth, it compliments the lamb very well. They provided three different mild to hot salsas (the hot is really not that hot).












Thirdly we ordered Atun Tostadita which is seared rare ahi tuna, guacamole, diced mango with toreado aioli to taste. This dish was recommended by our waitress. The tortilla is crispy which adds a great crunch to this dish. It was excellent.












If you’re at a Mexican restaurant and they have Churros as a dessert, you order the Churros. It’s a pastry that you dip into the sauces, in this case El Catrin offers three sauces; chocolate, raspberry and caramel. They are the second best Churros I’ve had in the city, nothing has beaten Pancho’s Bakery in Kensington Market.












Since Milagro’s original owners sold the restaurant the menu/dishes haven’t been the same. I’ve been on the hunt for a new Mexican restaurant in the city and El Catrin takes the cake.

My food photo is featured in National Post today! Join Gastropost on food missions here: (fifth row from the top, fifth across from the left)


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