Easy as Pai

I’ve been in search of a great Thai restaurant within close radius to my condo.

I’ve been going to Thai Shan Inn since I was a little girl with my family. The owner and full time chef taught me how to use chop sticks! It was this little hole in the wall restaurant with the most amazing Thai food in the city. Located west of Dufferin St on Eglinton Rd. They have been opened since 1983 and decided to relocate in 2011 to a bigger space on Dufferin St north of Eglinton Rd. Since moving, they’ve sold the business and the food is still good but not as good as before.

Opened just 2 months ago; Pai(http://www.paitoronto.com/). Khao San Road’s previous owners decided to leave and open their own Thai restaurant.

The feel to the restaurant is very cute, with dim lighting and authentic accent pieces. This place would be a perfect spot for a first date. The service was good, attentive and our waitress had good recommendations.

The food was delicious and the presentation was unique. Chicken Pad Thai and Khao Pad Saparot Chicken was ordered.

Khao Pad Saparot Chicken – stir fried jasmine rice with fresh pineapple, egg, green onion, oyster sauce and served in a pineapple shell. sauce: nam plik, nam pla (fish sauce, garlic, chili and line) Chicken Pad Thai – stir fried rice noodle in a homemade tamarind sauce with bean sprouts, tofu, egg and chives.

The paid thai did not have that ketchup-like taste to it yet it had a very unique taste since they make the tamarind sauce from scratch. I loved that the Khao Pad Saparot came in a pineapple oozing with intense flavour that is not normal for the typical fried rice dish.

I’m excited to try more dishes from Pai and they have become my official local Thai restaurant!



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